Jaguar Land Rover Diplomatic & Tax-Free Sales

Refinement, Luxury, and Quality come to mind when you imagine a Jaguar or a Land Rover Product. Throughout the years Jaguar has driven to the hearts of those looking for luxury and performance while Land Rover has conquered terrain over all continents without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

We aim to serve our customers with the very essence of what our brands require, by going above and beyond. Inchcape operates in 34 countries with a variety of brands and through our extensive experience and dedicated staff we are eager to serve diplomatic missions and accredited international organizations in Finland as well as Finnish diplomats abroad. We also provide tax-free sales for Finnish citizens residing abroad or moving abroad.

The extensive tailoring of our products will offer you the choice of building a car to your exact specifications and those of your current or next posting! For more information don’t hesitate to contact us at: